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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Jul 14, 2022

It's been a while, due to this unending workload being completely out of control, but I seem to be getting the handle of things... which means hopefully I can get back on track here. In the meantime, I've moved from from uptown to downtown in the South Loop. The view is beautiful and there are so many lovely romantic electronic tracks that I've been playing on loop about The Loop.

  1. Moullinex / Ekstra Bonus- Ven
  2. Booka Shade - Farlo May
  3. Maddie Maia / Tottie - Spirit
  4. Pinty - Another Lost Soul
  5. Real Lies - Dream On
  6. Carli - Lights & Strobes
  7. Pontias / Several Definitions - Outline (Booka Shade Remix)
  8. No Moon - Wouldn't Have it Any Other Way
  9. Redlight - Every
  10. Lxury / Deptford Goth - Square 1 (V.O.X. Remix)
  11. Elkka - Burnt Orange
  12. New World - Night Stalker (Lauer Remix)
  13. Maxxi Soundsystem - Lone Raver
  14. Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) - I:Cube Remix
  15. ELLES - End of the Nite
  16. Spieltape - Lonely Places I've Never Been (Evren Ulusoy Remix)
  17. Solomun - We'll never have today again
  18.  Amarcord - Don’t Be Sad Cause It’s Over, Be Happy Cause It Happened (Alan Dixon Remix)