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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Nov 25, 2011

I can't believe its been almost TWO years since the last Glitch show, well, ... I might be exagerrating a bit, but the last Glitch show was 21 months ago on January 2010. There was a small versus set between Nina Grey and myself, but nothing strictly dedicated to the actual Glitcharama sessions..

Okay. I digress, and...

Nov 18, 2011


The Eastside in Los Angeles is so much cooler in temperature than it is in Hollywood. I think I've been missing the feeling of Autumn mainly because I've been living in a more condensed hotter area. I've been known to be perusing the streets late at night in my new home in Los Feliz just so I can feel those cold fall...

Nov 10, 2011


So sorry that it took so long. I just moved out the Hollywood complex that I lived in with, and wanted to start anew in a place that didn't have any mojo from the memories from Teej, so I moved into the heart of Los Feliz. With great help from friends, I moved into a really great place out here, however I...