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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Oct 27, 2006

Broadcasting one of my favorite types of music, The Beautiful Noise Broadcast gives you "Shoegazer FM".

This set is particularly special as I have Lucie Bell Guthrie (daughter of Robin Guthrie and Elizabeth Frasar) singing with Mahogany on their latest album. Its such a fantastic song and a well anticipated move in...

Oct 20, 2006

Get lost with the noise gals and fellas! This week is all about the best sound and drone for those cool lazy nights!

Here is the playlist:

1. Jamez presents Tattoine- Music
2. Paul Van Dyk- Vega
3. Ulrich Schnauss-  Crazy For You
4. Fila Brazilia- A Zed and 2 L's (Coldcut Mix)
5. Metamatics- Bye Way (Clan)

Oct 13, 2006

This week The.Beautiful.Noise.Broadcast gives you a different treat! This broadcast is all about the glitch. IDM, experimental noise, abstract, and all things lush and twitchy!

1. Funki Porcini- Purrfect
2. Scannerfunk- Speechless
3. Mu-ziq .vs. Auteurs- Underground Movies
4. Squarepusher- Beep Street
5. Aphex Twin-...

Oct 7, 2006


This week, the Beautiful Noise Broadcast gives you all 80's! So get out your leg warmers, and that lovely Molly Ringwald prom gown.... wait, forget that piece.. but listen anyways!

1. Morrissey- Everyday is like Sunday
2. Book of Love- I Touch Roses
3. Sade- Cherish the Day (I announced Pet Shop Boys first...