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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Jul 26, 2007

Keeping things new for the summer, The BNB brings you "Reverie", a brand new "dreamcast" honing on the mellower side of shoegazer, newgazer, and slow independent. I'm excited to feature another incredible band called Elam which you will love. They are at the end of the broadcast and if you are interested in going to...

Jul 20, 2007

This week on the BNB is the most popular broadcast GLITCH-A-RAMA, which is all about IDM, ambient, and glitch. This broadcast is featuring Ebb, which is a Scandinavian god of beautiful noise. If you could put Sigur Ros, William Orbit, and Aphex Twin together.... you might be able to come up with the BEAUTY of what Ebb...

Jul 6, 2007

Presenting to you this week is a track off of Ulrich Schnauss's new album "Goodbye", which doesn't release in the United States until July 10th. This whole set is reminiscent of blurry dance tracks, progressive hotness, and perfect songs to dance in a haze to.

1. Ulrich Schnauss- Stars
2. Ambrosia (Feat: Billie Ray...