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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Mar 26, 2010

Hey BNB'ers,

After 557 disco tracks that I listened to last week, 134 of them were perfect for the show. I had pick only around 12 to work with this set. I'm pretty sure all my nieghbors want to kill me, however it is worth it, because I think this is a pretty fun set to shake your groovethang to. So this is "DISCO...

Mar 19, 2010

Hello BNB'ers,

Loveless and Grey here, combining our shoegazer tastes for you this week on the thirteen edition of This Mortal Broadcast. The Loveless side of things is going to focus on the dreamier halcyonic haze of this genre, while the Grey side will hone in on the carnal distortion and blissful droney guitar...

Mar 12, 2010

Happy Friday Beautiful Noise Lovers,

This is the 5th edition of ElectroLust.FM, which is one of the BNB's newest top shows. There has been kind of a different direction taken in the past few months on the BNB, which is a general focus on bedroom electro, italo disco, chillwave, and sexy dubstep/electro. ElectroLust.FM,...

Mar 5, 2010

Hello Chill Pill Heads,

This is the 10th session of Chill Pill, and much like all broadcasts that have hit their 10th episode, an anniversary collection must happen! Rather than doing one giant massive set, I've decided to split this up into two 45 minute sets. The first will post today and the next one on will post...