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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Feb 25, 2011

Unfortunately my microphone is down for the moment, so this mix will be sans track list. This is the 5th edition of Tear Jerker, a session perfect for those melancholy days. This set is however mixed with a few ambient tracks to mellow out the mood.

Los Angeles has had waves of rain pour through its city, and with that...

Feb 18, 2011

Ah yes. The days of warehouse parties in the early to mid nineties. How I miss these. You know, I tried doing this set with the "Justified and Ancient" and "Strike It Up" shows, but I never really honed in on that progressive trance sound. This round of tracks really hones in on that bliss movement in electronica that...

Feb 11, 2011

Hey Folks,

You know I love the dedication sets, but somehow over the time period of this broadcast, they became too specific to do. I changed the set up to something called "HOMAGE", which gives me a broader range to compile music over. This set is particularly about Mt. Hollywood, which surrounds Griffith Park in Los...