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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Jan 26, 2007

(Pre Note: Ep 20 has been deleted.. it was quite horrible actually)

Hotness is in the air tonight. Lay back and listen to the sultry sounds of "Hot Music For Cheap Hotels", a broadcast all about getting it on. Warning: This broadcast may get you into trouble. Bow Chica Wow Wow..

1. Depeche Mode with Goldfrapp - Halo

Jan 12, 2007


It's about time that The Beautiful Noise Broadcast got back to the glitch. This broadcast got the highest ratings last time, showing that glitch is not dead! Yes! Glitch is alive! ALIVE! AAALLLIIIVVVEE!! (remind me not to drink coffee while writing these things)

1. Marumari- Carniverous Temptations Pt.2
2. Clark-...

Jan 5, 2007

Its the perfect season to bring out your Cosby sweaters and leg warmers and melt to the sounds of another Sparkle Motion, a whole broadcast all about the eightees. Check out the duet of Siouxsie and Morrissey at the end of this session. It's all too beautiful to pass up.

1. Book of Love- Boy
2. Jimmy Summerville- Small...

Jan 1, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone! Here is the 2nd edition of the best of the beautiful noise broadcast 2006. I wish you all a great new year and hope you get everything you dream of.

1. Doves- Rise
2. Bent- Ordinary Day
3. Depeche Mode .vs. M83- Suffer Well
4. Dntel- (This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan (superpitcher mix)