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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Nov 24, 2006

Because it is Thanksgiving weekend I figured that I'd do another dedications podcast. Its a strange mix of music that starts out with gorgeous electronica, moves into a bit indie, and ends out chill out. Its the perfect set of music for a food coma.

1. M83- Teen Angst
2. Trentemoller- Digital Witchcraft Remix

Nov 17, 2006

No worries, this isn't a crying emo fest of a broadcast, so put your chunky black framed glasses and skinny jeans away.

This is all about beautiful indie rock. This week I give you the best of the best, including a fantastic dreamy hit from Mew, Mellowdrone, and a duo of Modest Mouse and 764 hero doing a particularly...

Nov 10, 2006

For all you sleepyheads out there, the Beautiful Noise Broadcast gives you "A is for Ambient", a collection of new and old electronic ambient! So whether you are craving sleep, crack, or a chance to zone out where ever you are, this set is for you!

1. Octoscope- Dino Goes to the Stars
2. Bjork .vs. Kraftwerk .vs. Who...

Nov 3, 2006

The Beautiful Noise Broadcast serves it to you this week in serious early techno. I should be dressed up like a neon daisy or something early love parade. .. but alas I'm just in pajamas and a frumpy cosby sweater.

Viva La Frumpy!

Regardless, this is a fun set for all you who miss the days of blindly fumbling down a...