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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Sep 29, 2007

This week is all in tribute to the support of the broadcast. Thanks for everything and to the future of the BNB. This week features glitch, electro, ambient, downtempo, atmospheric, and more!

1. Bjork- Verandi (Loves Not Leaving Mix)
2. Faithless- Liontamer
3. Boom Boom Satellites- On the Painted Desert
4. Sebastian...

Sep 22, 2007

he BNB is sending out another dedications session in the form of Beauty and the Beat! Get ready for Swedish electronica, lush sounds, and a really rare track of Elizabeth Fraser singing a trance track!

1. Robyn- With Every Heartbeat (Kleerup Mix)
2. Iio- Rapture
3. Kelly Osbourne- One Word (Album Version)
4. Dominik...

Sep 14, 2007

Duck and cover all you undercover lovers! Its a whole broadcast about artists and their covers of other epic songs. This is the first time the BNB has done this bit and it's going to be incredible! Artists, songs and their covers are listed below. Enjoy lovers!

1. Les Balayeurs Du Desert- Decollage (Tony Bennet)

Sep 6, 2007

Yes, another session of lullabies in ambient, ethereal, and drone is here. Sleepyhead radio is back to make your dreams just a little better. Sleep well lovers of noise and all things beautiful!

1. Freaky Chakra .vs. Single Cell Orchestra- The Way
2. Haujobb- Overflow
3. Mark Franklin- Release to the System
4. Fascia-...