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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Aug 27, 2010


Hey BNB'ers!

Shoegazer, the foundation of this show, is back up on rotation with the fourteenth set of This Mortal Broadcast. This set comes with some great new shoegazer tracks that we've been dying to play since the last shoegazer set. This is perfect for long summer road trips through the lovely heat of this...

Aug 20, 2010

Hey Ya'll!

I have a secret addiction to disco. Its quite embarrassing but I can't help it. However I will say it comes from the major influences of Victor Rodriguez and DJ Susan in Accounting out here in Los Angeles, whose club nights out here are phenomenally addictive.

Every time I go out I'm throwing my shazam...

Aug 13, 2010

Disco of the Daleks? I'm not sure why I selected this as the theme for this RoboHustle 3000 episode, but it just seemed to fit right. It's bit a while since I've thrown in a dance session, so what better time than NOW to start really putting some of some sweaty electro beats into the Summertime! This set is all over...

Aug 6, 2010

Sorry for the delay folks,

The BNB has gone through 3 PC's since the beginning of the show, and sometimes the build up of content plus the strain of how far I push this computer when broadcasting can take a heavy toll on these computers. With that being said I've transitioned over to a MAC (which, yes, should have been...