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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Nov 5, 2021

Hey Ya'll, 

 It's been a while! Apologies on the delay! After San Francisco, things just ramped up art-wise, and I've been riding this insane wave of design work + a gallery show out in Taipei (THAT JUST WRAPPED UP). 

I'm back home for a short bit, and things will hopefully be back up and running shortly. In the...

Mar 23, 2021

Nocturnia is back with it's 4th edition* of light darkwave and dark dub this week. I absolutely love the opening track to this set, and it functions so well as both a beautiful ambient track and an electrolust-like track later on. 

  1. Dark Sky - Domes
  2. The Charlatans - Different Days (Chris & Cosey Remix)
  3. Bloc Party -...

Oct 15, 2020

Much like Chastain Black 2, the third edition of Nocturnia was created.... and thhheeenn the pandemic hit, so I put it on the shelves for a while. This set is more on the glitcharama soft side, and I hope you enjoy. 

  1. The Fauns - 4am (Power Glove Remix)
  2. Hanin Elias ft. Electrosexual - Hold Me
  3. Jon Hopkins - C O S M...

Sep 27, 2020

Hello Darkwave Lovers, 

This session was set to air in the middle of March, but ... a Shining themed set at the beginning of the US Covid-19 lockdown.. just SEEMED LIKE A REALLY BAD IDEA. I've been resting on this set for a while, .. and while things are a little more open.. I can't help but get into the more spooky...

Oct 25, 2019

Just in time for the holiday I'm changing things up a bit. While this is number 2 of "Nocturnia" I'm changing things up a bit with the sounds. Nocturnia is going to focus more on the dark dubby and ambient sides of darkwave, sooo it's the same name, but just a different taste of darkness. 

I started compiling this set...