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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Feb 12, 2010

Hey BNB'ers!

Back in 1999/2000 I made a CD for 50 friends for Valentines Day called "Red Heart Holiday". I made these CD's because I didn't want anyone to feel left out on a holiday that was/is so focused on being in love. This day, which can focus on love equated materialism, and the absence of romanticism in ones life, can not only be devastating to some, but can really derail the core of what this holiday could really be about... which is the love that encompasses beyond just romantic love, but the love we have in our lives in general (family, friends, etc). So I made these CD's and sent them out all over to my friends in the US, and some out in Canada and the UK.The CD came with a tracklist and email, and well
What I wasn't expecting, was that people were going to burn the CD for others, and what culminated was this wave of emails from strangers with questions about tracks, and artists and what not. It felt good that people liked my choices in music, so I decided to do 4 compilations a year. Red Heart Holiday (Electro) was in the Spring, Red Hot Robot (Mash Ups) was in the Summer, SlowDown Project (Ambient/Chill Out) was in the fall, and Wonderland (Best of everything I found that year) was for Christmas. About 250 to 300 free CD's were shipped out each season, and even though I didn't have the money for it, it didn't matter. I really appreciated when someone said that a track changed the way they saw something, or it made them fall in love, or it made them feel something beyond just mediocre in this weird weird and often unmoving world. And granted, I didn't make the music, I just sourced it, so its really nothing but coordinating when it comes down to it, but still, those emails/comments made all the money into it worth it.

Now 10/11 years later, the cd's no longer exist, but this podcast does, and the sentiment is the same. The gift may not be mailed, but this broadcast is still for you. So enjoy this 4th session of "ElectroHeart Holiday", which is packed full of great steamy electro!

  1. Coeur De Pirate- Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)
  2. The Golden Filter- Solid Gold
  3. Annie- Don't Stop
  4. Little Boots- New In Town (A1 Bassline Remix)
  5. ABC- Look of Love (Felix Jaxx Booty Remix)
  6. Boy Crisis- Dressed to Digress (Original Mix)
  7. Dragonette- Fixin' To Thrill (COF+Anagramme Remix)
  8. The Cock'N'Bull Kid- Clean Apart
  9. Roisin Murphy- Movie Star (JNRSNCHZ Cinespace Mix)
  10. Chromeo- Needy Girl (Lifelike Mix)
  11. Amanda Blank- Same On Me (Jacknife Lee Extended Remix)
  12. Kid Sister, Feat. Estelle- Step