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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Mar 29, 2022

Hello Love, 

Things have been absolutely nuts, sooooo I'm a little delayed with the show (still trying to source a new platform). This particular set is a bit weird and definitely all over the place, but it's over a particular labor of love and art that's consumed me for a long time.

This love, is ABnormaL Jean.

  1. Charlotte Adigéry // Bolis Pupul - HAHA
  2. Big Yawn - Ragazzo
  3. Not Waving - What Is Normal Today?
  4. Sedef Adasi - Gel Gidelim
  5. Natasha Bai - Your Kiss
  6. Moderna // Theus Mago - Francesca -Wild at Heart-
  7. Cosmo Vitelli // Truus De Groot - Just Like His Dad
  8. Paula Tape // Guiseppe Leonardi - Del Mar
  9. Róisín Murphy - Something More (Soulwax Remix)
  10. Local Suicide // Theus Mago - Jam Bounce Release
  11. Captain Mustache // Play Paul - Everything 
  12. The Juan Maclean // Heidemann - I Want the Night
  13. Lorenz Rhode // Margarita - Le Noir
  14. Black Mustang vs. Kerrier District - Life's a Gas