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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Feb 12, 2022


In the tradition since even before The Beautiful Noise Broadcast, there was 'Red Heart Holiday', the annual Valentines day sampler that happened around 1998 - 2002 out in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. I'm bringing it back, with a fantastic track from Bent (SO glad to see music from them). This set itself is shimmery and upbeat, kind of like the old sets back in Seattle. A LOT of these tracks were playing last year, when I first fell REALLY hard for my best friend, and when I found out the feelings were mutual I WAS A overwhelmed wreck (hmm.. I should have called this "I'm a fucking mess when I'm in love"

Anywho! Another set is coming up this weekend, but until then.. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Weekend everyone!

  1. Bent - Friends (Crazy P Remix)
  2. TIBASKO - Let Me Tell You
  3. CRi // Odile Myrtil - My Place
  4. Bonobo // Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - 6000ft
  5. Luttrell - After All 
  6. Les Gordon - Parade
  7. Clive From Accounts - Gravitate
  8. Lakou Mizik //Joseph Ray - Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen) (16BL Remix)
  9. Fraems - Beneath (Ambassadeurs Remix)
  10. Daniel Bortz - You Can Stay Forever
  11. ODESZA // Zyra - Say My Name (Ambassadeurs Remix)
  12. Jacana People - There Goes My Heart (Sonnee Remix)
  13. The Sanctuary - Kora
  14. Small Black - Nobody Loves You (Korine Remix)
  15. TDJ - Lalala (Want Somebody)
  16. Baril - Lockdown 

Much Love Ya'll,