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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Jan 19, 2022

Helleaux Ya'll, 

Growing up in the heat of the deep south as a kid, intermixed with the temperate Pacific coast ,I never thought that I'd thrive so well in such harsh cold climates. But here I am, nearly 8 years later, STILL blissfully excited about the chaos of winter in Chicago.

Mirroring off the Trip Hop Scotch Sets (one of the foundation broadcasts since day one), I'm bringing you a lovely scratchy trip hop set from the sub zero paradise of Chicago.

  1. NAYANA IZ - Breaking Point 
  2. Madwreck - Sl500 (Blackberry)
  3. Mononome - Antoine (Why Is It I Spend the Day)
  4. Nana Adjoa - Throw Stones (Ranie Ribeiro Remix)
  5. LLOOP - Long Jumps
  6. Eli Escobar - lifeGOESon
  7. Afterclapp / Natlee / Xuan Afernoni - Falling Down (Boogie Belgique Remix)
  8. Poldoore - Hourglass (feat. ASM)
  9. The Q4 - Beer Goggle Blues
  10. Asquith - Laid in the Long Grass
  11. DJ Signify - 1993
  12. Little People - Basique
  13. Orsten - Fleur Blanche
  14. Cut Chemist - Spoon
  15. Jon Kennedy - Boom Clack
  16. Blockhead - Planes and Trains
  17. Damiano von Erckert - All Good

Much Love,