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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Jul 28, 2021


When I think of SF, I think of that late 90's trip hop / breakbeat / downtempo sound that was swirling around in my head during my early 20's out there. Now that I'm back in the city that sort of raised me, I'm finding current tracks here and there that resonate those lovelorn sounds from the city I loved so much. Here are some recent finds that remind me of that time. 

  1. Greentea Peng - Freedom (Franky Wah x Future Utopia Remix)
  2. BluePrint - Sleeping on Your Dreams
  3. Tommy Farrow x My Friend - Forget Nothing
  4. Alewya- Spirit_X ( LOVE THIS )
  5. Polynation - Humming
  6. Shygirl - Beauts (Junglist Mix)
  7. Skream - Trees
  8. Deijuvhs - Butterfly
  9. Mindchatter - Referees Don't Fall in Love (Anja Schneider Mix)
  10. Krust - Hegel Dialect (UNKLE Remix)
  11. SASSY009 - Blue Race Car
  12.  Adibanti - You
  13. Cortese - Abbey Park
  14. Pink Pantheress - Passion