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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Feb 9, 2019

Hello Lovers, 

I am so happy to be back in San Francisco this week. I'm here for a quick appointment with a museum out here, and decided to stretch out my visit a bit... because I miss my home here very much. 

Out of all the cities I lived in, I lived in San Francisco the longest. It was the cultivation place for not just the BNB (back out in 2006), but also my career as a painter. 

While the city has changed in such ways that I can't completely explain, the nostalgic element of my young adulthood here 20 years ago still resonates strongly with me. 

This set is some of my favorite bedroom electro sounds mixed with mellow house. It's a low light city vibe session that I think you'll really like. 

  1. Boundary - Las Rosas en el Límite el Noventa y Ocho
  2. Llewellyn - San Junipero
  3. Nabihah Iqbal - Zone 1 to 6000
  4. The XX - Lips (Edu Imbernon Mix)
  5. Clarian - Tuxedo Beach
  6. Fred P and SMBD - Angel Dust 
  7. New Jackson - Electric Blue
  8. Zoot Woman - Solid Gold
  9. Pet Shop Boys - Inside a Dream
  10. In Flagranti - Effective Placebo Affect
  11. Otha - One of the Girls