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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Nov 2, 2015

Ah, so begins the rainy season in Athens, which while isn't equivalent to Seattle by far, still exists. November is the month where I tend to listen to jazz and various other melancholy tracks while walking the streets in whatever city I'm currently in (Last year it was in Chicago which was perfect). This year I'm taking these tracks while watching the leaves fall on Boulevard and possibly heading to downtown to watch the rain. Enjoy music lovers!

  1. Lizzie Miles and Sharkey- A Good Man is Hard to Find
  2. Kovacs- I've Seen that Face Before
  3. Monophonics- Promises
  4. Hannah Williams and The Tastemakers- Work it Out
  5. Asaf Avidan- Bang Bang
  6. Ruth Brown- I Don't Know
  7. L'Orange- Her Sins
  8. Boogie Belgique- Swing Thing
  9. Chinawoman- Blue Eyes Unchanged
  10. Ephemerals- You Made Us Change
  11. Alex Clare- Damn Your Eyes
  12. Paolo Nutini- Let Me Down Easy
  13. Bill Withers- Grandma's Hands
  14. Cities Lullabies- Prayer
  15. DJ Shadow ft. Little Dragon- Scale it Back
  16. Haley Reinhart- Lovefool
  17. Willie Hale- Groove On
  18. Miles Davis- Blue in Green