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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Aug 29, 2014

This is my last broadcast out in Las Vegas, Nevada.. and what a perfect set to ring in my departure, than a long overdue set of Tearjerker on the GSU. Because this has been one of my hardest ventures and residencies, I've been compiling some incredibly heavy tracks over the past few months over this set.

Seriously. This is ice cream eating while in pajamas at 2pm wearing music.

Thank you to those who I met in my shipping container project out off of Fremont Street... and thank you ESPECIALLY to Johnny and long time friend Eric Fuentes out in Hendertucky. Without you two I think I would have gone crazy probably in my first month.

Enjoy, and next sets (after Nina takes over), I'll be talking to you from Chicago IL.

  1. Olafur Arnalds- Near Light
  2. The Irrepressibles-  In This Shirt
  3. Majical Cloudz- Childhood's End
  4. Cocteau Twins- Road, River, and Rail
  5. Little Dragon- Cat Rider
  6. Low Roar- Patience
  7. Azure Ray- The Heart Has It's Reasons
  8. Vancouver Sleep Clinic- Collapse
  9. Leah Kardos- DFACE
  10. Rhye- Woman
  11. DJ Shadow- (Not So) Sad and Lonely
  12. Warpaint- Go In
  13. Big Black Delta- Dreary Moon
  14. Gazelle Twin- Changelings
  15. Fennesz Sakamoto- 0318
  16. Bersarin Quartet- Mehr Als Alles Andere