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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Aug 22, 2014

Hello Audio Lovers,

I'm out in Chicago getting things settled for the new move. Meanwhile my head is still in the Mojave mindset, and I've gathered some lovely blurry sounds to commemorate the 20th show of "This Mortal Broadcast", a session all about shoegazer and dream pop.

I hope you'll enjoy.

This first track on this set has been on repeat in my car. A few weeks ago I had to get to Ann Road out in North Vegas. Anyone who is from here knows that Ann Road (besides the belt line) is one of the last major roads in Las Vegas. From here you can see the future of the city still expanding. Roads are being built but they just disappear into sand. Its surreal.. its as if you are in a dream, and your mind hasn't loaded the rest of the place you are supposed to imagine about.

I decided to drive onto one of the roads that disappeared, and went offroading until I could find a good view. I watched the sun rise in the east from the northwestern pinnacle of the city, and it was fantastic. The opening track just played again and again and ... well.. It was a beautiful start. Please enjoy.


  1. Atlas Sound (featuring Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab)- Quick Canal
  2. School of Seven Bells- I Got Knocked Down
  3. Phoria- Atomic
  4. Frankie Rose- Know Me
  5. Ghostwood- Red Version
  6. Cocteau Twins- Suckling the Mender
  7. The Bilinda Butchers- Half Open
  8. Airiel- Cinnamon
  9. Tears Run Rings- A Question and an Answer
  10. Slowdive (with Brian Eno)- AB
  11. Hunter Hunted- Keep Together
  12. Odawas- Harmless Lover's Discourse
  13. Big Spider's Back- Black Chow
  14. RIVKA- Swim High
  15. Rika Spring- 6 More Weeks