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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Aug 13, 2014

I'm sitting in a room full of moving boxes again as I set my sails for my next artist residency out in Chicago. Even though my time out here in Las Vegas was filled with a sense of seclusion in the vast sparseness of this city, I've come to now enjoy what I've seen in the city in retrospect. I seem to always fall in love with a place when I know I'm leaving it.

It's in these times where nostalgia, just even for yesterday, kicks in.. and my music taste changes for the forlorn and sultry sounds of blurry guitars and pulsating electric rhythms.

This is where this set comes in. I've been pooling these tracks for you for one of my FAVORITE sessions to DJ, ElectroLust.FM. In the next two weeks I'll be compiling another "This Mortal Broadcast" set, and "Hot Music For Cheap Hotels" set for you while Nina Grey takes over for the month that I am moving.

Enjoy music lovers,


  1. Lorde- Tennis Court (Flume Mix)
  2. Phantogram- Fall in Love
  3. Class Actress- Someone Real
  4. Kiesza- Hideaway
  5. SOHN- The Wheel (REID Mix)
  6. Labyrinth Ear- Snow White
  7. Baxter- Proof (Lifelike Remix)
  8. Sally Shapiro Feat Le Prix- Architectured Love
  9. MillionYoung- Cosmonaut
  10. Yacht- Psychic City (Classixx Remix)
  11. Amtrac- Fame or Shame
  12. Heavenly Beat- Complete
  13. Findlay Brown- Promised Land (Pilooski Edit)

Stay Gorgeous,