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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Jan 28, 2014

It's been 7 months that I've been back in Los Angeles from San Francisco, and just as I've gotten settled… I find myself in a sea full of moving boxes yet again. I've been working incredibly hard since Berlin to really anchor my vision in the arts, and I recently got the opportunity for an arts internship out in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the past few months I've been driving back and forth in-between LA and LV to solidify my relationship with the arts district out there… and in those 300 miles of Mojave desert that I've been ping ponging through, I've been focusing on the sounds to get me from point A to point B.

i've come to know that I loathe feeling tied to one place. Ever since leaving Marietta, Georgia, I've made it my goal in life to experience as many things as possible. I suppose that is why I do this broadcast and why I paint and travel. I crave new things.. new sounds, new pigment color formations, and new cities to explore. ..

All of these things, come right back to the Gorgeous Sound Underground.

With that being said, last year I became incredibly depressed because I hadn't experienced anything new. I decided to travel to all of these cities across America and Europe.. and along the way I recorded sounds from my iPhone to remind me of where I've been. I know its ridiculous to say that there is music in everything, but its true. Down to the grocery store or the sounds of distant highway traffic of Highway 101.. there is music in everything. So when I'm down and laying in the low lights of my Los Feliz studio in Los Angeles, I play back the sounds I recorded from the various places all over the world and it brings me back to how incredible the world is… and the sound it creates for us.

Last year I decided to do a Sleepyhead Radio session all about the field recordings I took in the subways of NYC. I got such a great response from it that I decided to open another session called "Loveless Letters" in where I would put sounds from my travels and mix them into the music I love. Here you will here random sounds from my travels in Berlin and Paris. From the church bells of Kreuzberg and Schoneberg Berlin to the Metro in Paris, all of these sounds are compiled from my adventures in these cities. This is the first official set and I hope in the future I can produce these sessions for you to enjoy.

Here is to 2014 and my new art adventures in the desert metropolis of Las Vegas, Nevada.

  1. UBAHN Message of Construction, Kreuzberg, Berlin 3:16pm 9/20/2013
  2. Cat Power- Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Mix)
  3. Eisenacherstraße Station Street Musician Playing / Church Bells, Schönberg, Berlin 12:01pm 9/19/2013
  4. Yasume- 2112 Crescent Heights
  5. Warschauerstraße Station Street Musician, Friedrichshain, Berlin 4:56pm 9/24/2013
  6. Paul Leonard Morgan- Ma-Ma's Requiem
  7. Hallesches Tor Station, Kreuzberg Berlin 5:32pm 10/8/2013
  8. The Field- A Guided Tour
  9. Paul Playing the Violin, Oranienstraße, Kreuzberg, Berlin 2:13pm 10/4/2013
  10. Aspera- Throwing Snow
  11. Paris Metro Train Passing Through Barbes Rocheouart Station, Paris, France 8:24pm 9/29/2013
  12. Gas- Königforst Eins
  13. Mehringdamm and Yorckstraße, Church Bells from the Rented Flat, Kreuzberg, Berlin 9:02am 9/21/2013
  14. Choir of Young Believers- Hollow Talk (Lulu Rouge Edit)
  15. Street Musicians on the U6 UBAHN, Berlin 11:58am 9/23/2013
  16. Magic Mountain- One For My Ego
  17. Dinner and Music with Friends, Simplon Flat, Arrondissement 18, Paris 10:58pm 9/27/2013
  18. Clark- Absence
  19. Grocery Store Voice Over, Monoprix, Le Marais, Paris 4:43pm 9/28/2013
  20. Porn Sword Tobacco- Sons of Ghosts (Tesla Mix)
  21. ORLY Airport Train to RER B Paris Metro, Paris, 6:58pm 9/26/2013
  22. Boards of Canada- Amo Bishop Roden