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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Dec 3, 2012

Hello Music Lovers,

We have reached the end of The Beautiful Noise Broadcast. After +21,600 minutes, 308 (yep, I've been counting them wrong all these years) episodes, over 6 years in 3 different cities, it is time to retire this podcast.

All however is NOT lost, and Nina and I have been working on a new project for some time now. Our new show is called THE GORGEOUS SOUND UNDERGROUND, and can be accessed at WWW.GORGEOUSUNDERGROUND.COM. This site is going to continue on where the BNB left off with some incredible accessibility features that I think you'll love. And now, to celebrate the end and .. clearly some new and great beginnings, here is the last episode, and the 3rd edition of the best of the last 100 shows (that was tricky to say). This is just under 2 hours (by 2 minutes) of the best of the dance tracks I played... ENJOY BNB'ers!

  1. Miss Kittin And The Hacker- Electronic City
  2. Lana Del Rey- Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix)
  3. Hot Chip- Touch Too Much (REMIX)
  4. Roisin Murphy- Momma's Place (Odd Year Mix)
  5. CircleSquare- Dancers (Anoraak .vs. Russ Chimes Mix)
  6. Yeasayer- O.N.E. (Glasnost Mix)
  7. Underworld- Always Loved a Film
  8. Bear in Heaven- Cool Light (Test House Mix)
  9. Love Scenes- Insomnia
  10. Holy Ghost!- Wait and See (CFCF Mix)
  11. Games- Shadows in Bloom
  12. Carte Blanche- Do! Do! Do! (Featuring Kid Sister)
  13. Steve Aoki- Heartbreaker (Featuring LoveFoxxx)
  14. Hercules and Love Affair- Blind (Frankie Knuckles Mix)
  15. Grum- Runaway (Nightriders Mix)
  16. The Phenomenal Handclap Band- You'll Disappear (Jacques Renault Mix)
  17. Deadmau5 .vs. Jay Lumen .vs. Ormatie- Clear Berlin (Demain Moreno Mix)
  18. PQM- You Are Sleeping (PQM Meets Luke Chable Vocal Pass Mix)
  19. Bjork- Hidden Place (Zuul Remix Version 3)
  20. BONUS TRACK* The Field- Leave It
    Stay Beautiful Everyone,