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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Nov 15, 2012

I've just arrived back from Atlanta. Its been a crazy past few weeks flying from New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and just recently my original home back in the south. Freshly jet lagged and overdue for more packing for my eventual return back to SF, I've finally got myself together to create the 301st episode for the BNB.

I apologize for the delay, BUT to make it up to you, I've created a 2 hour set with 22 tracks and 2 extra special hidden ones in the end. I hope you enjoy, and will stay tuned for the last episode next week!

  1. Violins- Space Around The Feel Station
  2. CFCF- You Hear Colours
  3. Crystal Castles- Magic Spells
  4. DJ Clive$ter- Mas Que Amor
  5. The Pains of Pain Pure At Heart- Higher Than The Stars (St. Etienne Visits Lord Spank Mix)
  6. The Real Tuesday Weld- Kix (Bent Mix)
  7. BVDUB- Make The Pain Go Away
  8. Everything But The Girl- No Difference
  9. Blockhead- Sunday Seance
  10. Shrift- Lost In a Moment
  11. Karen Elson- The Ghost Who Walks
  12. Magenta Skycode- Go Outside Again
  13. Twin Sister- All Around And Away We Go
  14. Star Slinger- Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins Rework)
  15. Antony and the Johnsons- Crazy in Love
  16. Cinematic Orchestra- Time And Space
  17. Chromatics- Into the Black
  18. Massive Attack- Live With Me (Stripped Back)
  19. Markus Guentner- Hotel Shanghai
  20. Luke Slater- Love
  21. Adele .vs. Gnarls Barkley- Crazy in the Deep
  22. De-Phazz- No Jive

Stay Beautiful,