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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Oct 23, 2012

Dear BNB'ers,

6 years ago I had left my apartment in San Francisco, and traveled to Georgia to pick up a car my sister had given me. I traveled to New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

I did 5 podcasts in each town as I traveled around the country.. When I had landed in Seattle, I moved into this dilapidated apartment off of 24th and Madison, and moved my music to the libsyn server. .. and started my first show with ... Trip Hop Scotch,.. my first song was Massive Attack's "Teardrop"..

From there I moved to Alameda, then back to San Francisco, and then to Los Angeles... and strangely into an apartment a block away from one of my first broadcasts YEARS later. .. and here I am now.. 4 years in Los Angeles,... and sitting in a room full of boxes... heading back to San Francisco (and... somehow still commuting to LA once a month for work).

The things that have happened over the past 6 years have been the most devastating and the most wonderfully monumental in my life. .. and this show ... every week has been a tiny journal over those days for me... and I'm hoping that its the same way with you. I hope that each show you've heard brings you back to certain points in your life... and even if it hasn't.. I hope you've found new music for yourself, and we've done some service in making your life, if not, just your ears,... a little better.

This is the 300th episode. There are 3 more shows left before the end of the BNB.. and the beginning of something new and different. Please enjoy and thank you for everything.

  1. FUR- Friends (Solar Bear Mix)
  2. Deadbeats- Funky For You (Spacehopper Mix)
  3. Tom Waits- Alice
  4. Tamaryn- Love Fade
  5. The Big Pink- Tonight (Coyote Clean Up Dirty Dub)
  6. International People's Gang- Thats Her (Bent Mix)
  7. Oneohtrix Point Never- Stress Waves
  8. Spieltape- Lonely Places I've Never Been (Ormatie Mix)
  9. Little Dragon- Little Man (Tycho Mix)
  10. Blockhead- The Strain
  11. Twin Sister- Lady Daydream
  12. The Bilinda Butchers- Tulips
  13. Cocteau Twins- Theft, and Wandering Around Lost
  14. Chromatics- Circled Sun
  15. The Postmarks- Everyday is Halloween
  16. Lulu Rouge- Melankoli (Crooked Spoke Mix)

Next Week: Part 2