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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Sep 1, 2012

As we are nearing the end of the beautiful noise broadcast (and launching a whole new project, news to come) I realize that I will have to come to some kind of conclusion on whether I throw the retrospectives onto the new server, or just start new all over again.

With that being said, I had to do a anniversary edition of Gorgeous because... well its one of my favorite sets. This is a compilation of the best of Chillwave, which started out in Little Armenia, East Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA on 8/14/2009. ... roughly three years ago. At first it was a hodgepodge of shoegazer intermixed with dance, and then suddenly the chillwave explosion happened and I had a series that I could already work with. Because lets face it, Chillwave and Glo-Fi is GORGEOUS.

The one thing I love, and I know I've mentioned this before, is when I do a retrospective, I have to go through all the previous sets. The BNB shows are like diary entries, and I remember for the most part when and what was going on when I look back. Seeing the different apartments, and phases of my life are kind of nice because they are wrapped up in sound and music. With that being said, doing this show was a nice trip through the past to realize where I was, and where I am at now. I hope when you hear these tracks, that you might do the same.

I'm off to New York City for the upcoming weeks and Nina will be taking over the set for that time period. I hope you enjoy this set and the next few sets to come.

  1. Au Revoir Simone- Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix)
  2. Amadou and Mariam- Ce N'est Pas Bon (Bullion Mix)
  3. The One AM Radio- Sunlight
  4. Memory Tapes- Green Knight (Vision of Trees Mix)
  5. The Golden Filter- Hide Me (Clock Opera Mix)
  6. Crystal Castles- Celestica
  7. Tycho- Hours
  8. Keren Ann- My Name is Trouble (Walter Sobcek Mix)
  9. Austra- Young and Gay
  10. Sinner DC- Glass Alley
  11. Little Dragon- A New (Tropics Mix)
  12. Feast of Violet- Linsen (Feat. Seth Bolton)
  13. Grizzly Bear- Cheerleader (Neon Indian Studio 6669 Mix)
  14. Keep Shelly in Athens- Hauntin' Me (The New Division Mix)
    Stay Beautiful,