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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Apr 26, 2012

Music Lovers,

I'm back from my two week trip around the US. I spent some time in Mexico, a art production stint in Palm Springs for a week (for Coachella's crowd coming into the Ace Hotel) and recently Chicago for my first solo Disney exhibition in Schaumberg. I just got back two days ago and what a whirlwind little adventure. I'm glad to be back in my apartment in Los Angeles for the time being. I travel back to Chicago in three weeks for another show at the Center on Halstead in downtown Chicago.. so the next few weeks are crunch time in getting work done. I'm already slightly missing the city, and mainly because Chicago differs so incredibly from Los Angeles. The people are a little more down to earth, their agenda is slightly less industry based, and there.. .. is just a little more soul to that town (no offense LA, i love you)... The last time I was in that city was in 2000 when I was with TJ in the Ukranian Village off of Western. There were bittersweet memories of him intangled in that town... and so... so so much has changed in 12 years.

This set is an homage specifically to the night time in Chicago, and riding the well equipped CTA subway trains over the city and looping next to buildings. There is ... this quiet deep and moody love swirling around in the air in that town... a subtle constructed beauty in the mechanics and function of that metropolis.. Its a beautiful place, and Chicago has soul. I played ALOT of acid jazz and dub while riding around the area... and mostly so because it was a MAJOR soundtrack for me in the mid to late nineties, and especially 2000 when i was there. This is a perfect set to piggyback off of Nina's INCREDBILE Trip Hop Session last week. So relax, and enjoy to the sounds of the Mid West Metropolis. Chicago, I love you.

  1. Deadbeats- Funky For You (SpaceHopper Mix)
  2. Fila Brazilia- A Zed and 2 L's (Coldcut Retouch)
  3. Coldcut and DJ Krush- Harmonica
  4. Ancient Astronauts- I Came Running
  5. Nina Simone- Westwind (Organica Mix)
  6. ScannerFunk- Speechless
  7. Boards of Canada- Hi Scores
  8. U.N.K.L.E.- U.N.K.L.E. (Main Title Theme)
  9. Bonobo- All In Forms
  10. DJ Krush and Esthero- Final Home (Vocal Mix)
  11. Weekend Players- Higher Ground
  12. Squarepusher- Iambic 5 Poetry
  13. Nightmares on Wax- Les Nuit

Next Week: City Sessions, Palm Springs, CA