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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Apr 7, 2012

Howdy BNB'ers,

I've spent the past ten years in an office, and only until last year have I been working in one. Somehow I became a painter full time, which has completely disconnected me from the world. Going stir crazy, yet completely happy with my creative outputs, I had to somehow figure out how I was going to work again, yet not commit to something full time, and that was when I got the bright idea to return my heart to the late night shift.

I believe I've been talking about these 'late night drives through Echo Park' for the past month, and what thats really about is my travels to this late night diner that I sometimes work in. I can't explain my romance that shift, but it stems from back in 1996, when I was the graveyard waiter in Savannah, Georgia at the Paper Moon off of Whittaker. During college I'd serve there, tend to the drunk southerners plastered on garlic bread and Pinot Grigio. And sure it was hard, but when 5am rolled around and I was done for the day, I'd watch the sun travel upwards shining through the Spanish moss. That transferred me out to San Francisco years later in 2001 at Sparkys, a 24 hour diner off of Church street in San Francisco.. We'd get the castro bar crowd and when 2 am rolled around, the whole place turned upside down. When all was said and done, I'd go home around 5am and take the train back to my apartment, climb the escape ladder to the roof and watch the sun rise.

Now, 10 years later, I drive home around 4, and park my car near my house, walk up Vermont to Mt. Hollywood, and hike to the top of the mountain to watch the sun rise from the east and begin to highlight the marine layer fogged shield of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. This is a soundtrack to my drive to work at night, serving the late night bar crowd, and ultimately coming home to a mountain and sun who could care less that I have food stains and smell like ketchup when the day is done.

  1. CFCF- You Hear Colours
  2. Crystal Castles- Magic Spells
  3. Com Truise- Brokendate
  4. Class Actress- Weekend
  5. The Neighbourhood- Sweater Weather
  6. Working For a Nuclear Free City- Je Suis Le Vent
  7. Ellie Goulding- Lights
  8. Memory Tapes- Stop Talking
  9. Kisses- People Can Do The Most Amazing Things
  10. Bear in Heaven- The Reflection Of You
  11. Leisure- Follow Me (Keep Shelly in Athens Mix)
  12. Chad Valley- Fast Challenges

Next Week: Nina is taking over the next two weeks, as I'm out at Palm Springs for the week preparing things for the Coachella wave, and then I'm off to Chicago for my first solo art show with Disney!

Till Next Time,

Stay Beautiful,