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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Dec 2, 2011

This set is so completely random, but my god are there some stunning finds and some BNB classics that I love mixed in here. That Ulrich Schnauss remix of Death Cab for Cutie is making my head all blurry and combined with that swooning Tycho remix of Little Dragon and Apparat remix of Ladytron, well... I'm just really happy to get this out to you this week. I JUST got back in town from a small trip in my old home in San Francisco. I return in two weeks for 8 days to get my fill of that city. Its funny though, the minute I'm up there, I miss Los Angeles. I don't think that would have ever been the case, but man this city is gorgeous once you get settled and sift through the industry BS to get to the rough diamond friends and lovers out here.

Next year the BNB is going over seas again. My work is taking me to France again for a small artist residency in Paris which I am thrilled to do. I've been in French language immersion so by March I should be up in conversational/business french, so in the meantime 'souhaite-moi bonne chance'. The one thing I love about that city is the musicians that come through in such intimate venues.. like Apparat who played in the small theatre that was connected to my apartment I was staying at on Boulevard de Sebastopol in the Marais district in Paris. WTF? When does that happen in America? Well maybe in NYC or SF, but never in LA. ..

Anyways. I'm babbling, but in the meantime please take this set with you on the road or in the air, and remember... until next weeek.....

  1. Little Dragon- Little Man (Tycho Remix)
  2. Death Cab For Cutie- Home Is a Fire (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
  3. Evren Ulusoy- Fade to Blonde (Ormatie Brunette Mix)
  4. Solar Bears- Twin Stars (Lone Mix)
  5. The MFA- The Difference It Makes
  6. Dusty Brown- Random Music
  7. Washed Out- Soft
  8. Ladytron- Tomorrow (Apparat Mix)
  9. Gas- POP Untitled Track 9
  10. Bloc Party- Where is Home? (Burial Remix)

Stay Beautiful,