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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Sep 23, 2011

I got a taste of Autumn last week while in Athens, and it had been the first time in around 10 years that I have seen the fall actually happening. I believe that is the one thing that I miss about the East Coast more than anything, the witnessing of the seasons changing. Out in California we rarely ever have more than two seasons, and while its my favorite two, there is nothing like the feeling of Summer fading into Fall.

And because of that, I decided to bring back the Chill Pill sessions with a theme attached to it, because really, what better music is there to synchronize this season than romantically crisp downtempo? Please check out the Coldcut track, I have been waiting for the PERFECT time to play this since the first broadcast in 2006. I hope you enjoy music lovers.

  1. Vitamin Dub- Everything in it's Right Place (Radiohead Cover)
  2. Ancient Astronauts- Surfing the Silvatide (Featuring Bajka)
  3. Lulu Rouge- Melankoli (The Crooked Spoke Mix)
  4. Massive Attack and the Mad Professor- Eternal Feedback (Sly)
  5. Coldcut- Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Mix)
  6. Goldfrapp- Lovely Head
  7. Thievery Corporation- The Outernationalist
  8. Kabanjak- Gypsy Soul (Ancient Astronauts Mix)
  9. Saroos- Yukoma
  10. Brazilian Girls- Lazy Lover
  11. Emancipator- Lionheart
  12. Nujabes- Arurian Dance

Stay Beautiful,

Tennessee Loveless