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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Sep 16, 2011

Hello BNB'ers,

I'm out in Athens Georgia this week after just being in San Francisco. It seems that these two cities are the ones I'm always in right before massive changes that are about to happen. This is a good thing I'm imagining, however because I've been traveling, my head is totally in that phase to find new music. Whenever lately when I am looking, I'm always running into more and more chillwave, and I just can't get enough of of that blurry swirling music! I hope you'll enjoy this set I've laid out for you (i've also put in some non chillwave, but dreamy nonetheless in here too). My mic is not working out here in Athens, so its just a straight music set. Enjoy!

  1. The One AM Radio- Sunlight
  2. Pepper Rabbit- Murder Room (Teen Daze Mix)
  3. Andre Obin- Lemondrop
  4. Com Truise- Sundriped
  5. Tycho- Hours
  6. Solar Bears- Trans Waterfall
  7. Washed Out- Lately
  8. Neon Indian- Polish Girl
  9. Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross- Blacks
  10. Blackbird Blackbird- Calypso
  11. Teen Daze- New Theory (Washed Out Cover)
  12. Body Language- At A Glance (Toro Y Moi Mix)
  13. The XX- Hot Like Fire (Aaliyah Cover)
  14. Blackbird Blackbird- We Have To Know (Featuring Neon Canyon)
  15. Giraffage- Visible
  16. Christoph Andersson- Metropol