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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Dec 17, 2010

Howdy BNB'ers,

This is the 15th show of shoegazer. I can't believe its already been 15 shows! Thats insane. I'm up tonight finishing the last bit of blurry shoegazer for you in 2010, and there are some great tracks on here, especially the one from Neon Canyon, Magenta Skycode, and Tamaryn. I think you'll enjoy these greatly. I'm off to San Francisco for the rest of this year to finish up the Wonderland episodes and coordinate with Nina and some others to continue the show in my absence. I will also be doing some heavy broadcasting NOW to fill in the gaps LATER as well as replay some sets from 2006 and 2007 in sessions I will be titling "Rewind". Enjoy!

  1. Neon Canyon- Libra
  2. Tamaryn- Love Fade (Love this!!)
  3. Kordan- Mirror
  4. Magenta Skycode- Go Outside Again
  5. Lotus Plaza- A Threaded Needle
  6. Junip- Sweet and Bitter
  7. Houses- Endless Spring
  8. Craft Spells- Party Talk
  9. Warm Waves- Athena
  10. Cocteau Twins- Fotzepoletic
  11. Warpaint- Undertow
  12. The XX- Basic Space (Mount Kimbie Mix)
  13. Twin Shadow- Castles in the Snow
  14. Fjord Rowboat- Paragon
  15. Ride- Nowhere