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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Nov 19, 2010

Hollywood, how I love it out here during the early 'winter' out here. During this time I've been playing this set while driving through the insanely neon traffic nights out here. This is a dance packed session filled with beautiful electro, luscious dance, and steamy beat filled tracks. This is a non stop set so I hope you will enjoy. I'm pretty fond of the opening mash up track as well as my newest obsession Justin Faust. Much love!

  1. Austin Eterno- (The XX .vs. Deadmau5 .vs. Kaskade) I Remember Shelter
  2. Florrie- Give Me Your Love (Fred Falke Mix) (I never tire of Florrie! This is a great remix)
  3. Royksopp- This Must Be It (Rex The Dog Mix)
  4. Justin Faust- Holdin' On
  5. Cut Copy- Far Away (The Golden Filter Mix)
  6. Stardust- Music Sounds Better With You (Eat More Cake Mix) (great re-edit of this classic)
  7. Chemical Brothers- Swoon (Boyz Noize Summer Instrumental)
  8. Miami Horror- Holidays (Shield Your Eyes Big Chorus Mix)
  9. Den Haan- Afterburner
  10. Yeasayer- ONE (Teen Daze Mix)
  11. The Vanish- Heartbeat (Here We Are .vs. The Amplid Remix)
  12. Broken Social Scene- All To All (DJ Mom Jeans Mix)