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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Nov 12, 2010

Howdy Folks,

Its another great set of mellow to disco tracks all about the sultry low tempo electric city, Los Angeles. This set is split into the softer side of sound in the beginning and later on a ramp up into dance and disco. I played this set almost 24 hours ago, as I was driving at 5:30am to Anaheim to Disneyland for a convention I was a part of. It was a great way to wake up to the day and watch the sunrise from the highway. I hope you enjoy this set all about the city I love, LA.

  1. Chromatics- Circled Sun
  2. Glass Candy- Rolling Down the Hills
  3. Korallreven- The Truest Faith (CFCF Mix)
  4. Butterfly Bones- Crystal Caves (Rockets Mix)
  5. Closed Cassette- Safe To Say
  6. Caribou- Odessa (Junior Boys Mix)
  7. Hercules & Love Affair- Blind (Frankie Knuckles Mix)
  8. Justin Faust- Holdin' On (Moullinex Mix)
  9. Amari- Tiger (Cecile Mix)
  10. Ellen Allien- Flashy Flashy (Nicolas Jaar Mix)
  11. Voltage- QE2
  12. Body Language- Work This City (Sammy Bananas Mix)