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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Feb 26, 2010

Hello BNB'ers,

Sometimes it bites when a new release comes out and I can't put it up on the set because of a mix I've already made. I say this, as when the new Goldfrapp single came out, I wanted to switch up the sets, but couldn't. This was the earliest I could get to do a dance set so I could play the new track "Rocket".

While I like the original, and the penguin mix, as well as the Richard X mix, I think the GRUM mix is the best and easiest to play. I've mixed it in with some other songs that I've been playing over and over here at the hub, so I hope you like. Check out also FakeBeat on this set, its right after the 1st break. Overall this is pretty beat heavy and filled with gorgeous voices and synthy overtones. ENJOY!

  1. PNAU feat. Ladyhawke- Embrace (Fredrick Carlsson Epic Mix)
  2. Goldfrapp- Rocket (Grum Mix)
  3. Annie- Anthonio (Designer Drugs Mix)
  4. Kid Sister feat. Cee-Lo- Daydreaming
  5. Muzzaik- Out of Reach (Add2Basket and Interplay Mix)
  6. Scanners- Salvation (Dan Sena Blinded by the Light Mix)
  7. FakeBeat- L.A. Gear (LOVE THIS!!)
  8. Christian Falk feat. Robyn- Dream On (Warren Clarke Edit)