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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Feb 5, 2010

I love getting lost in this city. When I had first moved out to Hollywood, I spent most of my night driving through downtown, Little Tokyo, Skid Row, China Town, all the way out through West Hollywood and out to Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Some of these tracks I've compiled on those late night drives, but mainly for when I was going out on the town. This set is perfect for getting ready for weekend wildness, as its filled with soft electric groove, mellow chillwave, and then later with upbeat Swedish electro, italo disco, as well as new wave disco. Enjoy!

  1. Fakebeat- Lil Mang
  2. Chromatics- Hands in the Dark (DOWNLOAD TRACK)
  3. Bent- Since You Went Away
  4. International Pony- SuperYou
  5. Erlend 0ye w/ Morgan Geist- Ghost Trains
  6. Junior Boys- Bellona (MFA Mix)
  7. Matt Hughes- Don't Cry
  8. Sally Shapiro- I Know (Super Jupiter Remix)
  9. Space- Magic Fly
  10. The Whitest Boy Alive- Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
  11. Tenderloins- In Addition
  12. Justin Faust- Revenge
  13. Damn Arms- Destination Part II (Radio Edit)
  14. Volta Cab- Clarissa
  15. Theophilus London- Ultra Violet