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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Dec 12, 2008

Its time to feel the warm blur again in the Wintertime. This is the 9th session of This Mortal Broadcast, a show all about shoegazer, electrogazer, and everything inbetween of the hot sultry blur of this genre. This is the last session before the retrospective set, so I hope you really like this. I personally have been listening to this during the melancholy strange times of this South Western transition into Los Angeles California. Its perfect for those slight and minute times of rain out here in this desert country. Its a perfect Greg Aaraki film debut of love and the bewilderment that comes from it.

  1. A Shoreline Dream & Ulrich Schnauss- NeverChanger (Uncut Edit)
  2. Tears Run Rings- The Weight of Love
  3. Dead Can Dance- American Dreaming
  4. Doves- Rise
  5. Cocteau Twins- My Truth
  6. M83- Kim & Jessie (Montag Remix)
  7. Friendly Fires- Strobe
  8. Azure Ray- 4th of July
  9. Chairlift- Planet Health
  10. The Mary Onettes- Make Me Last
  11. Apollo Heights- Shallow by Shallow
  12. My Bloody Valentine- (When You Wake) You're Still In a Dream
  13. The Emerald Down- Red Shift
  14. This Mortal Coil- Kangaroo
  15. Cass McCombs- Equinox
  16. The Lassie Foundation- El Rey
  17. Slowdive- Blue Skied an' Clear