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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Dec 5, 2008

Oh I love city sessions! This broadcast focuses around 2000 - 2002 in retrospect to my stay in Philadelphia. As cold as it was, it was one of the most diverse and interesting cities I have ever lived in. There are times when it becomes cold where I miss bundling up to reach a destination in the vast city of brotherly love. This music is the perfect set of shoegazer and trip hop to calm you down and remind you of the beginning of this decade.

Much Love,

Tennessee Loveless

  1. Bent- Swollen
  2. Portishead- Pedestal
  3. Unknown Track
  4. Terranova- Chase the Blues (Cameron McVey Mix)
  5. Slowdive- Ballad of Sister Sue
  6. FC Kahuna- Hayling
  7. Tricky- Hell is Round The Corner
  8. Telepopmusik- Breathe
  9. Her Space  Holiday- Lydia
  10. Goldfrapp- Deep Honey
  11. Psychedelic Furs- Love My Way
  12. New Order- Crystal
  13. Future Bible Heroes- Lonely Days
  14. Stone Roses- I Wanna Be Adored