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Loveless FM + The Beautiful Noise Broadcast

Aug 22, 2008


Can you believe it that the BNB has made it this far?! I'm so excited! This is the 100th episode of The Beautiful Noise Broadcast on the Libsyn Server. I am thrilled that this show has gone this far, and to celebrate, I'm doing a retrospective set of 2006 and VERY early on in 2007.

I started this broadcast in a dingey apartment on lower end of Capitol Hill in Seattle Washington. I had just moved from San Francisco, and in my transition, I wanted to pass the time with a few small shows here and there about music. I didn't just want to play a few sets and be done with it... I wanted listeners to want to hear the music.. I wanted to not only learn about new music myself, but I wanted everyone to be a part of the process.

There is so much music out there that we'll never get to hear. I know out there, that there are songs that have little to no exposure that should be out in the public. It was my goal to dig through the massive haystack to find those needles, those amazing gems that make life beautiful in our ears.

This is my goal... and if you have ever listened to the broadcast and found a song that you have absolutely loved because of this show, well then.. I feel accomplished. I will continue to do that, as this job has brought me to some amazingly beautiful tracks and artists in my life.

Thank you for being a part of the BNB. I am trying everyday to make this show better and better each week for you.

Retrospective Set 2006 to 2007 Set List:

  1. Massive Attack- TearDrop (Trip Hop Scotch)
  2. Sebastien Tellier- La Ritournelle (Roadtrips for Headtrips)
  3. Paul Van Dyk- Vega (Roadtrips for Headtrips)
  4. Mellowdrone- Fashionably Uninvited (Indie Rock Inferno)
  5. Trespassers William- Different Stars (Dedications 1)
  6. Doves- Rise (Wonderland)
    N.E.R.D.- Provider (Zero 7 Mix) (Trip Hop Scotch Deux)
  7. Trentemoller- Take Me Into Your Skin (Wonderland)
  8. Film School- Miss Connection (This Mortal Broadcast)
  9. Sade- Cherish the Day (SparkleMotion)
  10. Chris Clark- A Laugh With the Hills (Glitch-a-Rama)
  11. OPUS III- Evolution Rush (Justified and Ancient)
  12. Goldfrapp- All Night Operator (Hot Music for Cheap Hotels)
  13. Phillip Boa & The VooDoo Club- Deep in Velvet (AFX mix) (Glitch-a-Rama)
  14. Mazzy Star .vs. Jarvis Cocker- Into U (Richard X Mix) (This Mortal Broadcast)
  15. Piano Magic- Bad Patient (This Mortal Broadcast)
  16. Cocteau Twins- Fifty-Fifty Clown (BBC Version) (This Mortal Broadcast)